Join the Club.. A Book Club!

You love books! And so do lots of other people. So why not get together? Book clubs have never been as popular as they are right now… and here are just a few reasons why.

Get Social with Like-minded People

Sharing your thoughts on a book you are reading can bring people together in new ways, bridging differences of opinion, providing companionship and intellectual stimulation. You inevitably meet new and interesting people, make new friends, (and maybe get reacquainted with old ones) because of the bonds created by discussing the plot, the characters, and the author. Establishing a sense of community with fellow readers gives you something to look forward to because you have people to talk with as soon as you’re done with the book!

Reading is Good for Your Brain

Who doesn’t want a better brain?  Studies show that reading strengthens the physical structure of the brain as well as social “soft” skills like empathy and intelligence. As you read about people who are not like you, you begin to develop a greater understanding and compassion for other humans.  Reading can be a peaceful, calming activity too, and has been shown to increase your memory, enhance your vocabulary, fire your imagination, and yes, add years to your life.  All good things!

Learn New Things, Expand your Interests

No two persons ever read the same book.  — Edmund Wilson

Be part of thought provoking conversations that will help you gain a different perspective. There will be lively discussions about the same book with other people. And you’ll expand your horizons by reading books you might not have considered picking up before. Book clubs read everything, so this is a great place to branch out. If you’ve always loved history, you may find that you really like fantasy, too, a genre you might not have picked up before joining a club.  On the other hand, you’ll discover what you DON’T like to read, and you can discuss that with the rest of the group. 

A Great Way to Read More-and Buy More Books!

Nothing can inspire you like joining a book club.  You read more because a club will hold you accountable. You commit to reading regularly because you know you’ll be part of a conversation where you’ll share your thoughts and opinions. SO, being around other readers encourages YOU to read, and in turn, buy more books!  A win-win!

Show me a family of readers and I will show you the people who move the world.  – Napoleon 

Join a local book club in person and chances are you’ll enjoy good snacks, maybe a glass of wine, and the personal camaraderie of people who share your love of reading.  If you want a digital experience, check out these very popular clubs online. Happy reading!

Online Book Clubs to consider

Oprah’s Book Club 2.0

The Rumpus Book Club 

Free Minds Book Club

Action Book Club

Reece Witherspoon 

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