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The days of cold calling on sales leads in a 3 piece suit are over in terms of establishing yourself in the business world. Now, more than ever, people are branching out and deciding what running a business looks like for them. But between advice from “solopreneurs” and the unrelenting siren song of your high school nemesis’ MLM, it can be hard to know how to #bossupyourlife on your own terms. Lucky for you, Audiobookstore is here to help with a selection of some of the most inspiring entrepreneurial listens around. Also, that “amazing opportunity to step into your power” selling essential oils is probably a scam.

Atlas of the Heart – Brene Brown

Brown is a staple in the self-help and self-made business world, and this book will take you on an emotional journey to self-fulfillment. Brown literally identifies all human emotions (apparently there are 87) and how we can reframe hard moments with informed emotional intelligence to build a framework of connection with people. Imagine cultivating clients based on mutual emotional respect- sounds like a recipe for long-term business to us. 

Atomic Habits – James Clear

One of the biggest struggles of the working from home life, or running your own business is finding a disciplined routine. Lucky for you, James Clear is a guru of all things habit-forming and routine building. If you’ve ever logged into work at 8 am and then suddenly it’s 5 and you’re left wondering where the time went, this listen is for you. Clear will help you set *clear* goals (sorry), break bad habits and develop new good ones based on a scientific assessment of your internal systems. Thanks, science!

From Strength to Strength – Arthur C. Brooks

How many times have you thought, “I just have to make it through this week” only to discover that apparently being an adult means uttering that phrase dejectedly, every. Week. Forever. There has to be another way- enter Arthur C. Brooks. No longer will you find yourself attempting to blindly slog your way through one week to another aiming for mere survival. He has written a book that is a roadmap for the rest of your life, pointing toward more success, fulfillment, and less burnout. 

Think Again – Adam Grant

Failure is never a good time, but conversely, if you’re not failing, you’re not trying. A good leader or boss is able to give their employees the space to test limits (within reason) and take calculated risks in the name of innovation and development. Grant highlights the importance of adaptable worldviews, and an ability to take constructive criticism to reshape how we think and approach situations and challenge the status quo. This is a must-listen if you’ve ever wanted to expand the way you conduct your business. 

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