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The 5 Fitness Audiobooks You Really Need to Add to Your Library

“I want to lose some weight.” “I want to get toned and fit.” “I want to run a marathon.”

Sound familiar? These are just a few of the fitness goals people set at the beginning of the year. When their goals don’t come to fruition right away, it seems like the rest of the year is an “I’ll start my diet on Monday” song on repeat.

Why is it that so many people have a hard time reaching their health and fitness goals?

In many cases, it’s because they don’t have the right resources.

Thankfully, the health and wellness industry has plenty to offer in the way of health and fitness books, DVDs, television shows, blogs, and more.

How does a person know which one is best for their unique needs? To help, a list of the best fitness books has been compiled. These books have rave reviews from readers, reviews based on success and goal achievement.

The Best Fitness Audiobooks: 5 Awesome Books to Add to Your Library

There are literally thousands of fitness books to choose from, which can make finding the right one a bit daunting.

Here are five books that are considered some of the best fitness books of all time – and for good reason. People who follow the suggestions within them have been able to see amazing results.

1. The China Study

Anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels must look at what they’re using to fuel their body. Junk in equals junk out. To reduce the risk of disease, increase energy, and boost fitness levels it’s vital to eat as healthfully as possible.

Things can get confusing, though, because there are so many diet books on the market. Which ones are the best?

The China Study is pretty much the Gold Standard when it comes to books about dietary recommendations. The book was written by doctors who studied hundreds of people over the span of decades to find out what foods contributed to conditions like heart disease and cancer.

The knowledge shared within this book will give the reader a major nutritional education that will help them turn their health around.

2. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle isn’t just another diet book. It points to the importance of when a person eats, as well as the type of exercises they do. Combining these components – as well as eating a healthy diet – will help people shed flab and build muscle rapidly.

3. Two Turns from Zero

People who hire a coach or trainer typically end up having better fitness results than those who don’t. Unfortunately, not everyone can hire a personal trainer or a health and wellness coach.

Thankfully, a coach has decided to come to the people. Stacey Griffith is a self-empowerment guru who is a SoulCycle Master Instructor. She knows what it takes to get people motivated.

In her book, Two Turns from Zero, Griffith outlines what it takes to feel healthy and empowered. Her advice isn’t limited to fitness conditioning. She also includes nutritional tips, goal visualization exercises, and motivational meditations.

4. Download HIIT

One of the best ways to burn fat and calories (and to have a blast working out) is with HIIT training or high-intensity interval training.

Download HIIT explains the science behind this type of training and provides several exercise regimens for readers to try. The result: Improved body confidence and fitness levels.

5. Yoga for Chronic Pain

People struggling with chronic pain can’t always perform at the same fitness level as others around them. They need something that is gentler on their body. Yoga is a great fit.

Yoga exercises can help reduce pain and keep the muscles flexible, all while improving blood flow throughout the body.

Yoga is an ideal addition to any fitness routine that already incorporates plenty of cardio and strength training exercises.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Audiobooks About Mental Health, Too

Why does the U.S. have an obesity epidemic? It’s not because people don’t know what they’re “supposed to do” to get healthy.

While ignorance can play a role, for the most part, people know that they should stay away from junk food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and get more exercise.

But why aren’t people doing it? That’s the question that needs to be addressed.

In order to achieve their fitness goals – whether they want to lose weight, tone up, prevent disease, or all of the above – people have to look at what is holding them back. Oftentimes, their health and fitness issues are related to deeper issues, like self-esteem.

Depression, abuse, and environment all play their role, too, which is why it’s vital to get some assistance in these areas as well. Digging deeper and getting to the root cause (or causes) of the overall problem can improve the chance of success significantly.

Here are some of the best books that can help people address the deeper issues that are getting in the way of their health and wellness goals. These books are excellent companions to the best fitness books listed above.

You can also get started on the path to growth and healing with our 5 Best Self-Help Audiobooks.

2019 Isn’t Over Yet – There’s Still Time to Make Great Strides Toward Goals

A lot of people wait until the beginning of the new year to set big health and fitness goals. Why put it off, though? Now is always the best time to get anything done!

There’s still a third of the year remaining in 2019 – plenty of time to go after some amazing health, fitness, and wellness goals.

Just think about how much can be accomplished in four months. So, so much.

Don’t wait until January to start implementing a new health and fitness routine. Take advantage of a subscription to Audio Bookstore and download some of the best fitness books of all time. Doing so will provide the motivation needed to see some radical changes before 2020 rolls around. We’ve only listed five of the best fitness books of all time. Check out the dozens of health and fitness books we have available. We’re sure you’ll find something that will take your fitness to the next level

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