Xu Lei Audio Books

Xu Lei was born in 1982 and lives in Hangzhou, the most beautiful city in China. To his Chinese fans, he is better known by his pen name: Nanpai Sanshu. Originally engaged in international commerce, he once ran a foreign trade enterprise, and his days were filled with negotiating with American clients. In his spare time he loved to read horror and suspense novels. Bored after having consumed nearly all of the good books in those two genres, he decided to write his own suspense serial: The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles. To his surprise, he became famous overnight, becoming China’s most popular suspense novelist. Since becoming an author, his real life has become like something out of a novel. He was even called by an actual grave robber who wanted to correct some of the inaccuracies in his work. To date, he has published Chinese editions of The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles, Books 1-8, Dark Prospects, Books 1 and 2, and War of the Furious River, Books 1 and 2, and this last is now being adapted into a movie. Among these, Book 1 of The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles and Book 1 of Dark Prospects have both been published in English.

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