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If you’re looking for mp3 audiobooks by Stephenie Meyer such as the enormously popular Twilight series you’ve arrived at exactly the right place! We have the complete Twilight saga available to download which consists of 4 thrilling novels: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

The Twilight books tell the story of 17 year old Bella Swan who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to the small town of Forks, Washington. She soon finds herself strongly attracted to Edward Cullen, a remarkably handsome senior. What begins as a conventional high-school romance soon takes a radical turn when Bella learns that Edward is a vampire. Initially frightened, her fear is alleviated when Edward reveals that he belongs to a clan of vampires who abstain from human blood and only feast on animal blood. They slowly fall in love and manage to deal with a potentially dangerous relationship. But their attempt to make their relationship work turns into a fight for survival when a rival clan of vampires decides to hunt Bella.

Download Twilight and other great audiobook titles by Stephenie Meyer today to your favorite media device and find out her epic books are so hugely popular!

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Extended Sample The Chemist  by Stephenie Meyer
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