Lisa Jimenez Audio Books

Lisa Jimenez Audio Books

Lisa Jimenez has helped thousands of people break through fear and self-limiting beliefs to get into ACTION and achieve their goals. As an international speaker and business coach, her expertise is helping people retrain the brain and create the mind-set they need to build a successful business and life.

Her fast-paced, powerful programs come directly from her real-life experience of building a thriving direct sales business of her own and expanding it globally. You will relate with Lisa's personal stories and feel empowered, knowing you can do it, too.

You will laugh out loud when Lisa reveals the hidden messages that are in the most common fears of all sales people. You will be empowered to identify these hidden fears and limiting patterns in your own life and discard them forever.

Lisa’s best-selling books “Conquer Fear!” and “Don’t Mess With the Princess!” have sold over a quarter million copies and are published in 7 languages. She has over 21 audio programs in the personal development arena. 

She’s best known for her Mastermind Retreats where she takes her high-level coaching clients to exotic cities like Paris, Prague, Bali and Bangkok for an outrageous, life-changing experience.  Through creative excursions, radical conversations and the power of the Mastermind, her clients create the mindset needed to take their business ~ and life to the next level.  Her next Mastermind is in Shanghai and Beijing, CHINA and Belize, Central America.

From her Master’s degree in Psychology and her Doctoral work in leadership at Florida Atlantic University, to her matchless experience building a business herself, to her home life as a mother of three children—Lisa gives you a fun, powerful message of life and work success. You will regain your drive, childlike courage, risk-taking ability, and get "on fire" for what is possible in your business, your life and the legacy you leave behind. Find out more about Lisa and her Speaking Engagements, Books and Coaching Programs at:  954.829.5693

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Don’t Mess with the Princess: How a Woman Makes It in a Man’s World Audiobook, by Lisa Jimenez 0 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 5 Don’t Mess with the Princess: How a Woman Makes It in a Man’s World by Lisa Jimenez May 2012
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