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Originally from Greece, Corinna Essa worked in the TV industry until she discovered the unstable nature of the industry and the myth of TV careers. She worked for several television companies in London, France and Greece, until the financial crisis hit Greece in 2009 and she found herself out of a job.

Having been mentored by her brother her entire life, a very successful Internet business owner, Corinna learned the power of using the Internet to create your own economy. She attended Internet marketing seminars and began seeing the results of her efforts. It was at one of those seminars where she met her future husband, Steven. Corinna speaks three languages and owns a multi-million dollar social marketing company, where 80% of the sales come from webinars.

Today, Steven and Corinna travel around the world sharing their proven SpeedCash formula with thousands of people, and have generated $50 million+ in sales for clients and their own business.

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